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As featured in the Netflix documentary, Found (2021)

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Our China-based experts have 10+ years experience helping people of Chinese ancestry discover their origins.

Our services

Field Research in China

Can’t travel to China? Our native Chinese researchers will go on your behalf to track down records, relatives, and more.

Ancestry Investigation

From making phone calls, posting newspaper ads, to consulting online archival databases, our experts know how to identify the records and institutions most relevant to your family history.

Preserving & Storytelling

From films, websites, to online family trees, we make it easy for you to preserve your discoveries, and share them with the whole family.

Roots Trips to China

Nothing compares to a trip to your ancestral home. We help coordinate with your China relatives, design itineraries, and provide experienced multilingual guides to bridge any cultural or linguistic gaps.

Adoption Research in China

We help adoptees navigate the challenges in tracing their birth parents by posting search ads, contacting orphanages, and advising on available DNA services.

Translation Services

Can’t read Chinese? Our in-house translators specialize in translating Chinese family heirlooms and clues.

Even though I am a professional historian myself, I never could have done this kind of research on my own. Thank you, My China Roots!

Erika Lee
Author, The Making of Asian America

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How it Works

Starting priceUS$ 500
Average project length1-3 Months


  • Start a (free) conversation with us about your goals and what you know so far.
  • We'll give you some advice— for free and with no obligations!
  • If you are interested, we'll send you a proposal according to your budget and goals.
  • You'll also get to meet your paired researcher, who will be your personal agent in China.
  • Once the project has started, you'll receive timely updates throughout your project from your researcher.
  • Once complete, we will review our findings together and answer any questions you might have.

Receive a beautifully crafted digital report—perfect for sharing with the whole family.

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Working with My China Roots

Finding your family history does not happen overnight. For many, it is a lifelong experience that can be highly rewarding, exhilarating, and personal.

Even if we are only joining you for part of the ride, we do not take the task of conducting your search lightly! As family historians, we are here to support you every step of the way, celebrate your stories as they come to light, and do it all at your own pace.

Meet your future research partners ➞

LIU Jingwen / 刘静雯

Research Manager

When she’s not binge-watching anime, Jingwen loves listening to the life stories of older generations. A diligent resear...

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Miaoyi Huang / 黄妙怡

Research Officer

Born in Foshan, Guangdong Province, Miaoyi always assumed Toisan was her great grandmother's hometown since her great gr...

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CHAN Wai-kwan / 陈伟坤

Research Officer

For Wai-kwan, a love for history runs in his blood. As a 26th-generation Hakka Chinese (客家 or “guest people”), he brings...

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Zhang Jiasheng / 张嘉晟

Research Officer

Growing up in Guangzhou, Jiasheng always believed their family was strictly Cantonese. It wasn’t until he returned to hi...

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