Trace your ancestry: “Your hidden gens”

If you would like answers to any of the following questions, we are here to help:


  • Who were your ancestors?
  • When did your ancestors live? Where did they live?
  • What made them emigrate, how did they do it, why did they go there?
  • Do you still have family in China?

Physical traces:

  • Is your ancestral village still there? What does it look like?
  • Is there still a traditional family history book (jiapu / 家谱), an ancestral temple? Are there still graves, altars, photos, houses?
  • What are local government industrial development plans in your ancestral area? Is your family heritage safe from demolition?
  • What official registration and identification records of yourself and your ancestors are still available?


  • What can we find out about the personal lives of your ancestors? What kind of work did they do?
  • How long had your clan been in your ancestral village, and where were they before?

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