Put it in context: “Ancestories within the big picture”

Now that you have found the traces, the “raw data”, what does it all mean?

  • Especially for those who do not read traditional Chinese: What does it actually say on your ancestral graves? What is the content of your family history book? What lies behind all its cultural concepts and what are those historical events that it references?
  • What was the environment that shaped your ancestors’ lives? What else was happening in the area when your great-great-great grandfather grew up as a teenage boy, and what was daily life like?
  • What was the wider historical context and migration flow in which your ancestorsʹ overseas journeys took place?
  • How were your ancestors and their fellow migrants received in their new countries?

Our detailed reports take you back in time and show you how the stories of your ancestors were intertwined with the bigger events of world history. Richly illustrated with pictures, our reports are easy to read, insightful, educational, and tailored to the whole family.

Take a look at samples of an in-depth research report and an ancestral straight line by My China Roots!

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