Fees: Buy one, get one tree

Fees are decided on a case by case basis and depend on your goals, the information already at hand, and other specifics of your project.

Due to the uncertain nature of ancestral research, we typically work on a base fee + success fee basis. This means that you only pay the majority of the fee in case of a successful research outcome, reducing the financial risk on your side. Alternatively, you may opt for a structure where you pay for the hours we put in, and where we stop our work once we hit a pre-determined fee ceiling.

As a rough indication, clients tend pay approx. USD 2,000 for an averagely successful project.

Curious about what a search for your roots may cost? Fill in our standard request form and we will send you a tailored quotation, without obligations or expectations. Otherwise, feel free to email or call us at any time if you would like more information.

Take a look at samples of an in-depth research report and an ancestral straight line by My China Roots!

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