Family Websites

“Ancestories within the big picture”

Our family websites take you back in time and show you how the stories of your ancestors intertwined with the bigger events of world history.

Richly illustrated with photos and maps, our websites are easy to read, insightful, educational, and tailored to the whole family. Whether you have letters in traditional Chinese or interviews with relatives, we synthesize the “raw data” of your ancestral records and tell you what it all means!



Explore the Zhang Chronicles sample to imagine how your family website could look. If you’ve ever wondered the following, we would love to help you connect the dots!

  • What is the meaning of the Chinese characters engraved on your ancestral tombstones? What stories lie within the pages of your family clan book (zupu)? What is the relevance of all the cultural concepts and events in history it references?
  • What was the environment that shaped your ancestors’ lives? What else was happening in the area when your great-great-great grandfather grew up as a teenage boy, and what was daily life like?
  • What was the wider historical context and migration flow in which your ancestorsʹ overseas journeys took place?
  • How were your ancestors and their fellow migrants received in the new countries they called “home”?
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