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Sacramento-Omaha, US: The Transcontinental Railroads


The Transcontinental Railroads, mostly built during the 1860s, linked the well-developed railway network of the Eastern coast with rapidly growing California. The majority of the railroads’ western sections were built with Chinese labor. Compared to what a worker would make in China, working on the Transcontinental Railroad would offer around six to ten times as much.

Transcontinental Railroad - Golden Spike CeremonyGolden Spike
The picture here shows the Golden Spike ceremony in Utah, celebrating the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. Notice that there are no Chinese in this famous photo; the times were not yet ready for praise to be shared with yellow-skinned people, in spite of the fact that Chinese built half the railroad and, as a saying went: “under every railroad tie of the Central Pacific Railroad there is a Chinese worker buried.”

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