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Hong Kong: Cantonese Cuisine


The Cantonese have a reputation for eating “anything that swims, walks, crawls or flies” and their province of Guangdong is particularly famous for its food. Cantonese cuisine is typically light and focuses on the primary flavor of fresh ingredients. By contrast, northern Chinese food tends to be more greasy and heavy, while Sichuan cuisine is richer with spices and herbs.

dimsumCantonese overseas
However, the best Cantonese food in the world can arguably be found in an overseas destination: Hong Kong.

In general, most Cantonese restaurants outside of Greater China have had to adjust their dishes considerably to the taste of local populations in order to create a ‘familiar-yet-exotic’ cuisine. However, Hong Kong’s Cantonese food has stayed close to home, further enriched with the best cooking techniques from other parts of China, Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Due to the large percentage of overseas Chinese originating from Guangdong, combined with the Cantonese preoccupation with food, there is a prevalence of Cantonese restaurants around the world. Often when Westerners speak of Chinese food, they actually refer to Cantonese cuisine.

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