Project Description

Berlin, Germany: Li’s emigration trip (4)


After four months, Li arrives in Germany, finishing a grueling journey that he was told would only take three weeks. Local members of the ox tail’s Wenzhou gang pick Li up and tell him he should pay several thousand dollars extra because the trip was changed along the way. Having lost most of his money in Bangkok, there is no way Li can make the payment now.

Chinese illegal immigrantThe ox tail’s true face
He pleads that it’s unfair to ask for more money, especially as the gang did not live up to the contract to get him to Germany within two months. The gang is not open to reason, nor are they surprised that Li cannot pay. They want to see money. They beat him up and tell him he will have to join the smuggling gang in order to pay off his debts.

Li now realizes that this is part of the group’s strategy and he also understands how so many Chinese girls are being forced into prostitution. He manages to convince the gang that his family can get the money together and begs for a bit more time. After two months of harassment, Li’s family pays off the remainder of the fees and Li is finally free to start his new life in Germany.

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