Project Description

Bangkok, Thailand: Li’s emigration trip (2)


As Li does not want to make the same mistake as last time, he chooses a different ox tail and a different route. After first going to Hong Kong, Li arrives in Bangkok.

The Thaibei Hotel
Chinese illegal immigrantHe stays at the Thaibei hotel, a notorious smuggling safe house. The ox tail had told Li that someone will come to the hotel within several days to give him a passport.

No one arrives for weeks. In spite of the hotel’s vague promises that all will be fine, Li’s confidence sinks and he curses himself for picking yet another unreliable ox tail. Things get worse when he is mugged on the street and loses most of his money. Li stays inside the hotel all day and while everyone crowds in front of the TV in the lobby to watch the Soviet Union collapse, Li stares into the distance, desperately waiting for something that will probably never come.

After two months, someone finally meets up with Li and hands him a stolen Japanese passport with Li’s picture pasted inside. After further transits in Nepal and Pakistan, Li reaches his next destination: Budapest.

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