Our Team: Bridging Global & Local

My China Roots was established in 2012. With our head office in Beijing, our research team is spread out across the key ancestral regions of today’s overseas Chinese. Moreover, we draw from a wide platform of experts and partners throughout Greater China, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe. Below are the stories behind some of our key staff.

Huihan LIE / 李伟汉
Huihan LIE / 李伟汉Founder-CEO
“I was born in the Netherlands, where I grew up in the countryside. My parents were born in Indonesia and had moved to the Netherlands when they were young. Apart from my name, long-life noodles …

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HAI Miao / 海淼
HAI Miao / 海淼General Manager
As a historian with extensive experience in genealogical research, Hai Miao can be found collecting data from Beijing’s national library, tracing overseas customers’ family members in Shanghai, preserving oral histories from elderly villagers in Fujian or …

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Jallo TANG / 邓爽
Jallo TANG / 邓爽Associate Director
Jallo has been highly involved with My China Roots since our earliest days. Today, he is an angel investor and our Associate Director. Jallo is also a successful football journalist, known for …

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Clotilde Mei Ling YAP / 葉美玲
Clotilde Mei Ling YAP / 葉美玲Product Manager and Customer Relations
Clotilde was born and raised in London to a French mother and Malaysian-Chinese father. She has a passion for languages and anything that makes a good story, in particular old family legends. On her French side, her uncle …

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Pin WANG / 王品
Pin WANG / 王品Product Lead
How can the modern brushes of digital media bring our ancestries to life? This exciting question inspires Pin’s role as Product Lead at My China Roots. With over 10 years of experience consulting startups and Fortune 500 companies, Pin brings …

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Jean SEURINChief Technology Officer
Growing up in France, Jean gave little thought to the 1930s portrayal of occupied China in The Adventures of Tintin. But when he visited Beijing in 2001, he had no idea he would leave “hooked,” line and sinker! Upon his return to Paris, he would dedicate …

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HUNG Ying Ying / 洪凝影
HUNG Ying Ying / 洪凝影Research Manager
Born in Hong Kong, Ying has traced her ancestry to Fujian, collecting photos of her grandparents and digitizing her genealogy. She is drawn to root-seeking work because it vividly shows the intimate connections between family history and national history, even the impact of …

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Chrislyn CHOO / 朱琦恩
Chrislyn CHOO / 朱琦恩Multimedia Content Officer
Chrislyn hails from Princeton, New Jersey, where she was raised by Malaysian Chinese parents from Penang, food capital of the cosmos! Between bites of charcoal-singed char kuey teow and freshly scooped coconut, she grew up on a robust “see-food diet,” spiced with stories …

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Ivy CHAN / 陈晓燕
Ivy CHAN / 陈晓燕Public Affairs Liaison
Ivy is an experienced guide who builds bridges between East and West. A natural connector with deep cultural sensitivity, she has advised countless roots seekers, from adoptees seeking their birth parents in China, to VIPs returning to …

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LIU Hao / 刘好
LIU Hao / 刘好Research Officer
Liu Hao is a native of Western Guangdong province, and speaks Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. From a young age, she was fascinated by how her native dialect of Hakka could sound so different from one neighboring village to the next. Her studies in …

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Will LANGLEYResearch Officer
Will was born in Brunei and grew up in Malaysia, the USA, the Netherlands and East Anglia. Nowadays, he has family in the UK, France, Hungary, Malaysia and Holland. It was in Southeast Asia that he first came into contact with the world of the Chinese Diaspora. …

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CHAN Wai-kwan / 陈伟坤
CHAN Wai-kwan / 陈伟坤Research Officer
For Wai-kwan, a love for history runs in his blood. As a 26th-generation Hakka Chinese (客家 or “guest people”), he brings the energy and curiosity of a child who grew up with rich stories of migration and sacrifice. Indeed, his own grandparents moved …

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LAI Yiling / 赖怡伶
LAI Yiling / 赖怡伶Research Officer
Yiling brings the calm, sharp mind of a detective to our research team. Raised in Guangzhou with roots in Jiangmen, she grew up with epic ancestral tales, such as a great-grandfather who squandered his inheritance on gambling …

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CHEN Erbing / 陈尔冰
CHEN Erbing / 陈尔冰Research Officer
Erbing loves a good mystery. Having grown up in the house built by her great-great-great grandfather in Shantou, she marvels at the intricacies of Chinese architecture and feels at home cracking the clues hidden in ancestral homes throughout China. …

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LIU Jingwen / 刘静雯
LIU Jingwen / 刘静雯Research Officer
When she’s not binge-watching anime, Jingwen loves listening to the life stories of older generations. A diligent researcher with a great memory, she enjoys uncovering the real-life drama in each family story. Her own grandmother grew up on a boat along …

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Our Advisors

Albert CHENG / 郑国和
Albert CHENG / 郑国和Advisor
Al is a world renowned authority in the field of Chinese roots and family genealogies and histories. For 22 years and counting, he has led hundreds of Chinese Americans back to China to search for and visit their ancestral villages …

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Danny CHIN / 钱正民
Danny CHIN / 钱正民Advisor
Danny has over 20 years of experience in family history and genealogy at FamilySearch, the world’s largest genealogy organization. As Area Fields Relations Manager, he has led FamilySearch’s strategy, research, and institutional partnerships in Asia …

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Kendall HULET
Kendall HULETAdvisor
Kendall is a former Senior Vice President at Ancestry.com, where he worked for over 14 years. Kendall had a leading role in defining, launching, and managing several of Ancestry’s pillars of success, including ancestryDNA and the groundbreaking record-hints system. …

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Richard ROBINSONAdvisor
Richard is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and advisor with 20+ years of experience in China. He has led 8 successive startups as a co-founder or senior executive (e.g. nHack, Yolu, Shouji Mobile Entertainment), plus dozens more as …

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